The mastermind to help you simplify & scale your studio for

growth, impact & profit.

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I See You...

You're working day and night, dedicating yourself to your studio, determined to bring your dance business dreams to life.

You are the heart of your dance studio. You’ve built a space for creativity, but you are also seeking a strategic move for not only growth but also a boost in your income.

You feel like there’s a ‘secret’, or, an ‘easier way,’ and you’ve done all you can to find out what it is. Free resources, Podcasts? Training? Programs? But it still not any clearer!

You’ve questioned whether it’s worth it…to keep going…but you don’t quit because deep down, you feel a calling to sharing your passion, with a strong inner knowing that there's a reason you're meant to forge ahead.

You have a dream bigger than you.

And you’ve decided you’re ready to go all in.

Imagine Having

A studio with classes consistently at capacity, creating a thriving community of dancers and ensuring a steady income stream.

A studio where you confidently lead a team of incredible teachers, who elevate your studio's brand and cultivate ongoing student improvement & retention.

Financial flow in your dance studio, achieving not only stability but the ability to invest in top-notch instructors, cutting-edge equipment, and stunning studio spaces.

Effortlessly handle sales, marketing, and online presence, knowing how to leverage dance-specific strategies to attract new students and retain existing ones.

Access to a supportive creative collective of fellow studio owners, where you can share insights, overcome unique industry challenges, and collectively grow your businesses to new heights.

Does that sound like the studio you want?

I'm Jen

I'm living proof that when you make your success non-negotiable, it can unfold faster than you imagine...

Just over 12 years ago I was sitting in my studio office DREAMING of working with someone who could step into my business and guide me (and tell me!) what I should be doing next to grow.

There was no one to ask, heck, I didn’t even know the right questions to ask.

I knew I was meant for more. I wanted to keep increasing my student numbers, open more venues, build and lead a team of dedicated and competent teachers, but I lacked a clear roadmap. Immersing myself in #allthethings, attempting to do it all without the right support, and allowing pride to guide me led to burnout, a path I wouldn't wish for anyone.

But once I overcame this, my business started to thrive…

My studio completely transformed. What changed? I sought the guidance of experienced people who paved the way before me.

In doing so, I was able to grow my student numbers beyond 1000, expand to 6 locations and lead a team of 30+ teachers and staff…and the best part was I ten times my income and hit the $1m mark.

Now, I’m able to spend my time supporting and coaching other studio owners who want to do the same.

…and I want this for you too. So, so badly.

And here’s where I want to be completely honest with you:

I WISH this mastermind had existed before I created it in 2023

I’d searched for a mastermind of high-achieving studio owners lead by someone who had walked in my shoes, faced the same challenges, and intimately knew my business inside out, who I could collaborate with and help me build the business I wanted.

I Wanted a Mastermind That...

No Non-sense & Results Focused

Was no-nonsense, results-focused, and propelled me to take inspired, consistent action in my dance studio journey.

Coaching Support

Had coaching support directly from the facilitator, ensuring a personalised touch instead of solely working with support coaches who may lack a deep understanding of my dance business.

Creative Community

Attracted a creative community of high-vibe, committed, and heart-centered dance studio owners to collaborate with, learn from, and thrive alongside.


Only included a small number of guest coaches, allowing me to build momentum by working with coaches deeply invested in and knowledgeable about MY dance studio—not drowning in a sea of generic online content.

Personalised for Me and My Studio

That didn't rely on cookie-cutter solutions but instead was led by someone who listened, understood my unique dance studio, and stood in MY corner as I built my business. Someone providing a process that resonated and made sense specifically for ME.

Dance Studio Scaled is the exact mastermind program I spent a lot of time searching for…

And inside, I share with you my Studio Scaled Method.

What People Are Saying

Working with Jen has helped me to find the balance between my personal life and business responsibilities in the way that it has clearly identified my values and priorities, which in turn has instigated decisions to restructure staffing, scheduling or reframe my thoughts and expectations to reflect what is important to me.

I've had an Increase in income of nearly $3000/week & our Minis Program has doubled from 6 classes on offer per week to 12 classes on offer per week, with 11 classes at full capacity.

My growth is mind blowing...

Previous End of Year Enrolments:

2022 - 170

2023 - 220  

Starting Enrolments (day 1 of term 1):

2023 - 100

2024 - 205 (240 by end of Wk 1)  

Booked Trials:

2023 - Approx. 10

2024 - 75 

A reflection of my journey since joining you!!

I've increased my income by $33,000!!

Jen is an invaluable resource in helping me achieve my business goals. She has provided me with practical and actionable advice in helping me develop a clear plan for success.

I am grateful for the guidance and support Jen has provided throughout our time together, and I look forward to seeing what is yet to come.

Which is why I’m soooo excited to introduce the...

Dance Studio Scaled Mastermind

This 12-month mastermind is for you if you want to build a freedom-based business and create the best possible results for your dancers.

Join me as we explore my SIGNATURE FRAMEWORK

Studio Scaled Method


Monthly 1:1 Coaching call with me

A Live call where Jen will take you through a component of the Clarity, Strategy & Mindset required to help you build the studio of your dreams.


Bi-Monthly Specialist Coach Training Call

I’ve hand-selected some of the leading business owners inside and outside of the industry (people who I have paid thousands of dollars to support me on my OWN business journey!) Their trainings are on topics that I know will have as much impact on your businesses as they have mine.


Daily Coaching in Slack with myself and supported by all other members.

Each week we share a Slack thread where you have the chance to ask questions at any time of the day, should you need to, so that you can keep moving your business forward and taking action. This coaching channel is always buzzing & well-used (which we LOVE because it means our clients are taking consistent daily action!)


3-day Retreat (a mix of business and pleasure!)

Escape the noise and distractions of the 'everyday' with me. Our retreat is a harmonious blend of insightful guest speakers, purposeful training, and a dash of enjoyment. It offers a golden opportunity to delve into our business goals, realign your focus, and affirm you're on the right path as you journey toward continued success.


2 x 90 min Group Coaching Calls with me (Jen) Every month

This is your opportunity to share where you’re at and receive hotseat coaching from me on the exact personalised steps to move forward next. You’ll also learn from your incredible Mastermind sisters & brothers – their wins, action steps and strategies recommended for their businesses. The impact of these group sessions? Powerful beyond measure.

Also, ongoing support with...

  • 90 Day Business Recommendations/Mini Project Plan (every quarter)

  • Monthly ‘Studio Numbers Analysis’

  • Review Access to our resources, programs and templates Library

"Jen Dalton is a leading authority in dance business education. She has crafted easy to navigate processes that anyone could follow to expand their studio. Jen is insightful and wise in her approach and looks at the individual and the industry wholistically. She is changing the landscape of dance business education and this opportunity is one not to miss if you want to become the best you can be for your own growth and that of your studio."

Emma Franklin Bell – Central Coast Australia

“My biggest struggle as a studio owner is confidence in my decision making - so it's been wonderful having someone to discuss pros and cons with before making big choices. Her experience means that everything has been tried/seen everything done in a million ways, so you can suggest ways of doing things that would suit my personal style well.

The process is easy! I was nervous for our first session - but Jen quickly and easily determined where I was on my journey and asked excellent questions to prompt me on where I'd like to go. Having the freedom to discuss what I feel would benefit me most on the day of each session is wonderful, but having you guide what I need to be doing short term has been excellent to keep me on track (not jumping way ahead and forgetting the little steps).

It's amazing having someone with so much experience in my corner, and I'm looking forward to continuing. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone looking to make their life easier, and goals bigger!”

Dana – NSW Australia

“Working for yourself can feel incredibly isolating, and not having anyone to bounce ideas off is hard. The community is led by Jen’s passion and knowledge and boosted by the wonderful the other phenomenal studio owners in it. Jen’s coaching is always informative and full of many pearls of wisdom, and she is always very approachable and realistic with her advice and suggestions.

With Jen’s guidance I am regularly increasing my enrolments and have tailored my offerings so that they suit what is best not only for my customers, but also for me and my family. I am looking forward to a long professional relationship and continued growth with Jen’s support. If you are sitting on the fence about making this investment, jump on in – you won’t regret it.”

Melinda – VIC, Australia

“If you’re looking for someone to help guide you through your studio owner journey and help you excel in every way possible, then you seriously need to consider working with Jen. Before working with Jen,
I was overwhelmed and struggled to compartmentalise the many things on my to-do list. As most would know, there are so many different areas of business management that you need to consider, but
the training and coaching gave me very clear and precise steps forward
that I could actually follow.

Jen shares her knowledge and wisdom so selflessly and doesn’t hold anything back. She truly cares about you and where YOU want the studio to go and helps give the practical tools to make it happen. As a result of her systems and strategies,
I have been able to grow my student numbers higher than ever before this year
and have also increased profitability across the business."

Tash – NSW Australia

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Are you ready to simplify and scale your studio, for more growth, impact and profit?

THIS mastermind is for you!

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Who is eligible to be in the Mastermind?

The dance studio scaled mastermind is for studios with over 250 students OR that have been running for 5+ years. 

What is a suitability call?

A suitability call is a 1:1 zoom call with Jen to the the sign up process by discussing what the mastermind can offer you and your studio.

When does the next intake start?

The next intake for the Dance Studio Scaled Mastermind begins in March 2024 

How do I book a suitability call to learn more about the Dance Studio Scaled Mastermind?

Press the "Book call now" button and book in via the calendar so schedule a 1:1 meeting with Jen.

How many participants are accepted in each intake?

To ensure an intimate and immersive experience, each intake is limited to a maximum of 16 participants. This allows for personalised attention and a strong sense of community.

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